Community Engagement

Hawa’s Wings is currently participating in The Summer of Healing powered by Heal America. The program is happening in over 12 cities around the United States with different community leaders taking action to decrease crime, build relationships and provide healing spaces around the nation. Hawa’s Wings designed a program here in Minneapolis that bridges the divides between local law enforcement and the community. Throughout the month of August, we are hosting weekly events where youth and officers from the Minneapolis Police Department are engaging in activities to build real and lasting relationships with one another. Intentional discussions and team-building activities happen at each event to enrich the program’s purpose further. This unique opportunity will allow Minneapolis youth and police to get to know each other on a personal level, build real relationships, potential future career exploration, and most importantly create positive experiences between police and youth that are so hard to find this day in time. Vision: Our vision is to create memorable experiences for both the youth and the police officers to build a lifelong relationship, get to know each other on a personal level, and allow the opportunity to see the humanity in each other. This program creates the opportunity to cultivate unique insights for our youth to see police officers outside of many perceived negative interactions and allows police to humanize our youth and see them experience and enjoy life outside of their normal duty day. Allowing local police officers to get to know our youth on a personal level can hopefully allow opportunities to police our communities with empathy and compassion. Allowing youth to have one or more police officers that they feel that they know personally and can trust in their community can potentially change the outlook of seeing all police as an enemy and or threat. Our overall goal is to Heal Our Community!